now real life has no appeal
1 year ago
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ok so today i met tom felton and this is just everything that happened

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1 year ago
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i’m meeting tom felton tomorrow what

1 year ago
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guys guys guys i’m meeting tom felton aka draco malfoy next weekend¬†

you guys are all invited to my virtual birthday party. 

so it’s my birthday tomorrow. i’m expecting birthday wishes from ya’ll.

my computer is such a racist bitch

the thought of going back to school on my BIRTHDAY and having to face people just makes me want to jump off a cliff

freaking out because the perks of being a wallflower movie is actually going to be released here in australia ajdshkhfkaf

i came across a support video which i made for justin bieber over a year ago and it’s just embarrassing. i don’t remember the password on the youtube account either so can you guys make a prayer circle for me please. i dont want anyone to see it or i will kms.

there’s really good wifi on the hogwarts express this year.